dicty Annual Conference

Annual International Dictyostelium Conference

2024 Annual International Dictyostelium Conference, Durham, North Carolina, USA

Organized by Matthew Scaglione

October 13th - 17th [Sunday, 10/13/24 - Thursday, 10/17/24]

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Previous International Dictyostelium Meetings:

International conferences dedicated to Dictyostelium started in 1977 with the meeting in Sardinia, and continued on a roughly 3-year cycle into the 1980's. However, as the field became more active, more local meetings sprang up to fill the gaps in the cycle. Notable amongst these was an annual series in the UK, which gradually became more international. By the late 1980's with the successive meetings at Amsterdam, Oxford, Airlie and Cambridge, the current pattern of annual meetings was established. Interestingly in the late 1990's as the field expanded further, local meetings were re-started in several countries.

Dicty2023: Opatija, Istria, Croatia

Organized by Vedrana Filić, Igor Weber and Ana Hant

Dicty2022: Stirling, Scotland, UK

Organized by Robert Insall, Jonathan Chubb, Jason King, Peggy Paschke, and Simona Buracco

2019: Ann Arbor, USA

Organized by Cynthia Damer, Richard Gomer, Carole Parent, and Matt Scaglione
Dicty 2019 Annual International Conference Website

2018: Eggmond aan Zee (Amsterdam), The Netherlands

Organized by Arjan Kortholt and Peter van Haastert
Dicty 2018 Annual International Conference Website - Dicty 2018 Abstract book (pdf)

2017: Geneva (Chavannes-de-Bogis), Switzerland

Organized by Thierry Soldati and Pierre Cosson
Pictures of the Geneva Meeting - Visit the Website - Dicty 2017 Abstract book (pdf)

2016: Tuscon, Arizona, USA

Organized by Pascale Charest and Derrick Brazill
Visit the Website - Dicty 2016 Abstract book (pdf)

2015: London, UK

Organized by Robin Williams, Arjan Kortholt, and Douwe Veltman
Visit the Website - Dicty 2015 Abstract book (pdf)

2014: Potsdam, Germany

Organized by Ralph Gräf, Sascha Thewes, and Carsten Beta
Pictures of the Potsdam Meeting - Dicty 2014 Abstract book (pdf)

2013: Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Organized by Paul Steimle and Chris Janetopoulos
Pictures of the Asheville Meeting - Visit the Website - Dicty 2013 Abstract book (pdf)

2012: Madrid, Spain

Organized by Ricardo Escalante, Teresa Suárez, and Leandro Sastre
Pictures of the Madrid Meeting - Dicty 2012 Abstract book (pdf)

2011: Baltimore, Maryland USA

Organized by Doug Robinson and Peter Devreotes and Miho Iijima
Pictures of the Baltimore Meeting - Dicty 2011 Abstract book (pdf)

2010: Cardiff, UK

Organized by Adrian Harwood, Cathy Pears, and Chris Thompson
Pictures of the Cardiff Meeting - Dicty 2010 Abstract book (pdf)

2009: Estes Park, Colorado, USA

Organized by Alan Kimmel and Tian Jin
Pictures of the Estes Park meeting - Visit the Website - Dicty 2009 Abstract book (pdf)

2008: Tsukuba-Shi, Japan

Organized by Hideko Urushihara, Taro Uyeda, and Seido Nagano
Pictures of the Tsukuba meeting - Dicty 2008 Abstract book (pdf)

2007: Rotenburg/Fulda, Germany

Organized by Wolfgang Nellen and Markus Maniak
Pictures of the Rotenburg meeting - Dicty 2007 Abstract book (pdf)

2006: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Organized by Richard Gomer, Richard Sucgang, and Adam Kuspa
Pictures of the Santa Fe meeting - Dicty 2006 Abstract book (pdf)

2005: Autrans, France

Organized by Laurence Aubry and Gérard Klein
Pictures of the Autrans meeting - Dicty 2005 Abstract book (pdf)

2004: Sainte-Adèle, Québec, Canada

Organized by Adrian Tsang, David Cotter, Barrie Coukell and Gerry Weeks
Pictures of the Québec meeting - Dicty 2004 Abstract book (pdf)

2003: Lorne, Australia

Organized by Paul Fisher
Pictures of Dicty Down Under - Dicty 2003 Abstract book (pdf)

2002: Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Organized by Salvatore Bozzaro, Adriano Ceccarelli, Enrico Bracco, and Barbara Pergolizzi
Pictures of the Sicily Meeting - Dicty 2002 Abstract book (pdf)

2001: San Diego, California, USA

Organized by Rick Firtel and Bill Loomis
Pictures of the San Diego Meeting - Dicty 2001 Abstract book (pdf)

2000: Dundee, Scotland

Organized by Jeff Williams, Keiss Weijer, Pauline Schaap
Pictures of the Dundee Meeting - Dicty 2000 Abstract book (pdf)

1999: Bar Harbor, Maine, USA

Organized by Robert Gundersen and David Knecht
Dicty 1999 Abstract book (pdf)

1998: Kloster Irsee, Germany

Organized by Michael Schleicher and Angelika Noegel
Pictures of the Irsee Meeting

1997: Snowbird, Utah, USA

Organized by Rich Kessin and Greg Podgorski
Pictures of the Snowbird Meeting

1996: Sendai, Japan

Organized by Yasuo Maeda
Picture of the Sendai Meeting

1995: Dourdan, France

Organized by Michel Véron and Michel Satre
Pictures of the Dourdan Meeting

1994: La Jolla, California, USA

Organized by Rick Firtel and Bill Loomis

1993: Noordwijkerhout, Holland

Organized by Peter Van Haastert and Pauline Schaap

1991: Vancouver, Canada

Organized by Gerry Weeks

1990: Turin, Italy

Organized by Salvatore Bozzaro

1989: Airlie, Virginia,, USA

Organized by Richard Kessin and Robert Dottin

1988: Cambridge, UK

Organized by Rob Kay and Jeff Williams

1987: Airlie, Virginia, USA

Organized by Alan Kimmel Picture of the 1987 Sussmann lab retreat

1986: Oxford, UK

Organized by Peter Newell

1985: Amsterdam, Holland

Organized by Theo Konijn

1984: Southhampton, UK (local meeting)

Organized by Rob Kay

1983: Kyoto, Japan

Organized by Ikuo Takeuchi
Picture of the 1983 Kyoto meeting

1982: Hartford, Connecticut, USA (local meeting)

Organized by Ed Rossomando and David Soll

1981: Tutzing, Germany

Organized by Gunther Gerish
Picture of the Tutzing Meeting

1979: La Jolla, California, USA (local meeting)

Organized by Bill Loomis and Ikuo Takeuchi

1977: Sardinia, Italy

Organized by Piero Cappuccinelli and John Ashworth
Picture of the Sardinia Meeting

1976: Cold Spring Harbor, New York, USA

Organized by Harvery Lodish and Bill Loomis

1975: Colchester, UK

Organized by John Ashworth
Picture of the Colchester Meeting

1969: La Jolla, California, USA (Development in eukaryotic microorganisms meeting)

Organized by Bill Loomis

  • Special thanks to Rob Kay, Rex Chisholm, Alan Kimmel, Bill Loomis, and Stephen Alexander for their input on past Dicty conferences.

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