Dictyostelium inspires creativity, and this page contains the first beautiful examples. If you would like to share art that finds its source in Dictyostelium, created by you or an artist you know, please contact dictyBase.

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Homo Amoeba by Artúr van Balen

Project Homo Amoeba investigates the ideal of flexibility. One is flexible when one can adapt to all situations. For humans, this is more an ideal than reality. For amoebas, being elastic and flexible is no exception. Dictyostelium serves here as a representation of the ideal. A man attempts to imitate the movement.
Artúr van Balen, April 2008

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A Poem by Paul R. Fisher, ca 2000

The Leaders

From the beginning of the journey,
it is we who lead the way,
we call the tune
we beat the drum
we send our chemical messages
and you.... you must obey.

But at the journey's end,
at the culmination of it all,
we are the stalk and the stem
who raise you up to the sky
so that you might live
while we.... we must die.

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Dicty Artwork by Paul H. Dear, 2005

Graphics generated when the Nature cover was created for the publication of the Dictyostelium Genome (Nature, 5th May 2005).

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Permission is hereby granted by the copyright holder to use these images for any non-commercial use, including inclusion in web pages, presentations, and reports. The images should have a minimal attribution of "Copyright, Paul H. Dear, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK"

Geographic Best Microscopic Images Competion 2008, 4th place

Image by Matthew Springer, Stanford University.
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We're Not So Different by Kurt Ross

Project We're Not So Different - "Altruistic Amoeba"
Kurtis Ross, 2014

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