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Gene Information
dictyBase ID, gene names, synonyms, and gene products (Updated monthly) [view] [tab-delimited] [excel]
DDB-DDB_G-UniProt mapping (Updated monthly)
DDB_G curation status (Updated monthly)
[tab delimited]
Curated Model History (Updated weekly)
[zip file (tab delimited)]
Ortholog information (Aug 25, 2010)
[tab delimited]
Alternative transcripts (Updated monthly) [view] [tab-delimited] [excel]

Dictyostelium Sequences and Annotations
Sequences in FASTA format (Updated weekly) [download area]
Sequences and annotations in GFF3 format (Updated monthly) [zip file] [gff3 historical archive]
Promoter sequences (5' flanking sequence up to next gene) (March 30, 2006) [zip file]

Genes on AX3/AX4 Chromosome 2 Duplication (Updated April 7, 2010)
In strains AX3 and AX4 (the sequenced strain represented in dictyBase), chromosome 2 contains a duplication of approximately 750 kb, in which the region from base 2263132 to 3015703 is repeated between bases 3016083 and 3768654. This duplication is not found in AX2. [view]

Mutant Phenotypes (Updated monthly)
All curated mutants with phenotypes [view] [tab-delimited] [excel]
All curated mutants with phenotypes (same as above, but with an additional DDB_G_ID mapping all the gene_names of column 3) [tab-delimited] [excel]
Null mutants [view] [tab-delimited] [excel]
Overexpression mutants [view] [tab-delimited] [excel]
Multiple mutant s [view] [tab-delimited] [excel]
Mutants with developmental defects [view] [tab-delimited] [excel]
Other mutants [view] [tab-delimited] [excel]
Insertional Mutants at BCM [view] [tab-delimited] [excel]

Dictyostelium Anatomy Ontology (Gaudet, Williams, Fey and Chisholm, 2008)
Terms used to describe Dictyostelium [overview] [OBO file]

Dictyostelium Phenotype Ontology (Updated monthly)
Terms used to annotate Dictyostelium Phenotypes [overview] [view] [OBO file]

Protein Information
InterPro domains of Dictyostelium proteins (Updated once in three months) [tab-delimited] [excel]
D. discoideum codon bias; 11,666 curated protein coding genes (November 2012) [tab-delimited]
Molecular Weight (Da) all proteins (November 2012) [tab-delimited]
Ax2 Phosphoproteome (August 2013). Provided by Pascale Charest and Rick Firtel; Methods are published here. [excel]
N-terminal myristoylation sites (July 2006) [view] [tab-delimited] [excel]

GO Association File
Gene Ontology annotations (Updated monthly) [gzip file]
GO annotations mapped to GO-slim.obo (August 2006) [text file]

'Franke' Dictyostelium Reference Library: Complete Dictyostelium literature in EndNote format [download area]
List of PubMed IDs and associated genes (Updated monthly) [tab-delimited] [excel]
List of High throughput papers and associated genes (Updated monthly) [tab-delimited]
List of Reviews and associated genes (Updated monthly) [tab-delimited]
List of Papers excluding Reviews and High throughput papers and associated genes (Updated monthly) [tab-delimited]

Third party and other tools [download area]

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